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Representative Patents
Following are listings of a few patent applications that have been prepared by the attorneys at CanaanLaw.

AI Tech

US Pub 20230052080 A1 for

Application of Deep Learning for Inferring Probability Distribution with Limited Observations

US Pat 11,619,618 B2 for

Sensor Tuning - Sensor Specific Selection for IoT-Electronic Noise Application Using Gradient Boosting Decision Trees

US Pat 11,499,953 B2 for

Feature Tuning - Application Dependent Feature Type Section for Improved Classification Accuracy 

US Pub 20220293216 A1 for

Material Representation in Computational Systems

Battery Tech

US Pub 20220020996 A1 for

Metal Halide Cathode with Enriched Conductive Additive

US Pub 2022013778 A1 for 

Rechargeable Metal Halide Battery with Intercalation Anode

US Pat 11,515,566 B2 for

Liquid Cathode Formulation for Rechargeable Metal Halide Battery

US Pub 20210336296 A1 for

Electrolyte Compositions for Rechargeable Metal Halide Battery

US Pub 20210107835 A1 for

Facile Synthesis of Solid Sodium Ion-Conductive Electrolytes


US Pub 20220367011 A1 for

Identification of Unknown Genomes and Closest Known Genomes

US Pub 20220262457 A1 for
A Deep Learning Approach to Correlate Cellular Morphology and Genetics


US Pub 20220042114 A1 for
Discovery of Biological Signatures of Optimized Sensitivity and Specificity


US Pub 20210292805 A1 for
Semi-Supervised Classification of Microorganisms

Biotech & Chemistry

US Pub 20230122378A1 for

Biocompatible and Biodegradable Antiviral Polymers

US Pub 20220119689 A1 for

Thermally Reworkable Adhesives for Electronic Devices

US Pub 20210093519 A1 for

Process for the Preparation of a Base Formulation for a Dermatological Sunscreen Composition

US Pat 11,371,143 B2 for

Implementing the Post-Porosity Plasma Protection (P4) Process Using I-CVC

US Pat 10,941,295 for

Molecular Glasses as Rheological Modifiers in High-Performance Polymers

US Pat 10,370,556 for

Surface Modification by Polymer Anchoring


US Pub 20220157549 A1 for

Multi-Layer Vacuum Electron Device and Method of Manufacture

US Pub 20229157550 A1 for 

Magneto-Electrostatic Sensing, Focusing and Steering of Electron Beams in Vacuum Electron Devices

US Pat 11,079,133 B2 for 
Electronic Control
System for a Number of Electrostatic Precipitators

US Pat 10,069,465 B2 for

Amplifier Control System

US Pat 9,625,515 B2 for

Predicting the End of Service Life for a Vacuum Electron Device

US Pat 8,872,057 B2 for

Liquid Cooling System for Linear Beam Devices

Green Tech

US Pub 20220169823 A1 for

Feedstock Engineering of Polyester Waste for Recycling Processes

US Pub 20220169822 A1 for

Feedstock Purification of Polyester Waste for Recycling Processes

US Pub 20220169809 A1 for

Polyester Recycling Process with Pre-Reaction Purification

US Pub 20220169825 A1 for 
Media Recycling and Sanitization

US Pub 20220169824 A1 for 

Recycling Process for the Recovery of Cotton from Polyester-Cotton Fabrics and/or Fibers

US Pat No. 9,914,816 B2 & 
US Pat No. 9,255,194 for

Methods and Materials for Depolymerizing Polyesters

Pharma & Healthcare

US Pub 2022033466 A1 for Terameprocol and Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA) Derivatives as Coronavirus Anti-Viral Agents


US Pub 20200330391 A1 for

Anti-Hypertensive and Cholesterol-Lowering Fixed-Dose Combination and Method of Manufacture

US Pat 10,482,556 B2 for

Method of Delivering Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Reproductive Care, Pre-Conceptive Care, Fertility Treatments, and other Health Conditions

US Pat 9,934,361 B2 for 
Method for Generating Healthcare-Related Validated Prediction Models from Multiple Sources

US Pat 9,348,972 B2 for
Method of Assessing Risk of Multiple Births in Infertility Treatments

Wireless & Sensor Tech

US Pat 10,049,517 B2 for

Wireless Battery Charging Systems and Methods

US Pat 10,135,288 B2 & 

US Pat 9,876,386 B2 for

Wireless Power Transfer Systems and Methods

US Pat 9,876,387 B2 for

Wireless Battery Charging Systems and Methods for an Electronic Lock

US Pat 8,680,966 B2 &
US Pat 8,310,344 B2 

Long Range Radio Frequency Identification System

US Pat 11,614,432 B2 for

Adaptive Sensor for Temperature Control for Fast Recovery

US Pat 11,221,318 B2 for

Adsorption/Desorption-Based Sensor for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Design & Plant Patents

US Pat D849,004 S1 &
US Pat D849,005 S1 

Design for Access Control Interface

US Pat D635,841 S1 for 

RFID Key Fob

US Pat PP28,977 P3 for
Stevia Plant Named 'SW 227'

US Pat PP28,373 P3 for
Stevia Plant Named 'SW 129'

US Pat PP27,815 P3 forStevia Plant Named 'SW 201'

US Pat PP27,937 P3 for
Stevia Plant Named 'SW 107'

CPVO (Community Plant Variety Office) No. 33444 for 
Medicago sativa L. (alfalfa) designated PR59N59

CPVO No. 44934 for

Medicago sativa L. designated PR55V48

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